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Past Competitions

Past Competitions

CHIME has performed in local, national and international competitions. While winning is not a core CHIME philosophy, performing at a high standard is. When representing Australia on the international stage we are proud of the legacy we continue to create.


3rd Choir Olympics, Bremen, Germany

The choir participated in 3 categories over the two weeks of competition. Once again the results achieved were outstanding.

  • Silver IX (19.25 pts) Category 23 - Popular Choir Music
  • Silver VI (15.84 pts) Category 22 - Gospel, Spiritual
  • Silver V (14.85 pts) Category 24 - Folklore a cappella


1st Choir Olympics, Linz, Austria

The choir participated in 6 categories over the two weeks. In hindsight this was a monumental work load, but the outstanding results made it all worthwhile.

  • Silver IX (19.42 pts) Category 25 - Popular Choir Music
  • Silver VII (16.09 pts) Category 24 - Gospel & Spiritual
  • Silver IV (14.33 pts) Category 27 - Folklore with Instrumental
  • Silver 1 (11.03 pts) Category 20 - Contemporary Music
  • Bronze VII (6.64 pts) Category 18 - Sacred Music
  • Bronze VI (5.75 pts) Category 7 - Chamber Choir

Eisteddfods & Competitions

On an infrequent basis CHIME participates in the local eisteddfods.

2006 ABC Radio National competition Highly regarded
2003 Waverley Eisteddfod Runner up
1997 Waverley Eisteddfod Honourable mention
1995 Chapel on Chapel, South Yarra Runner up


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